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31/07/2002 News Update Part Deux
Posted by James Matthews
Links Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week. I've had other work that has literally drained all my energy. Two more weeks in Japan, then back to England. Hopefully then, you'll see more articles, Explorer-series updates and if all goes well, the roll-out of the new Generation5!

For the moment though, here are the latest articles I've received during the past week.

I'll try and post more often during August! Meanwhile, enjoy browsing Generation5's essays and excellent user submissions for AI gems.

22/07/2002 News Update
Posted by James Matthews
Links Received quite a few links to articles today, so I thought I'd share them with you.

13/07/2002 Latest Articles
Posted by James Matthews
Links Sorry for the lack of posts, but I have been busy doing other Generation5 work (as the post above proves). Despite this, there is still a shortage of good news. Here is what I've found over the past week:

06/07/2002 From Japanů
Posted by James Matthews
Links I've had a surprising lack of news since coming to Japan, so I've only got three articles; two AI and one non-AI to share with you. Since I've got here though, I've spent quite a bit of time starting on the GUI for my next planned addition to the Explorer series, Neural Network Explorer! The page has no details, since I haven't finalized them yet, but it does have a screenshot of the program as it stands. Note the network in the screenshot was created using the GUI, not hard-coded. Requests and comments welcome.

29/06/2002 Off to Japan
Posted by James Matthews
Links I'm due to leave for Japan in just under an hour, so I thought it best to update Generation5 with the latest news items I've accumulated in my Inbox. Those of you that check the What's New page will have noticed I released the first version of Image Analysis Explorer Pro yesterday. The first release has optimized rank code (still slow) as well as a new histogram feature and some cosmetic changes. I also released an updated version of the SAPI AppWizard for all you SAPI developers.

I'm in Japan for the next 6-7 weeks, so don't expect too much in the way of new articles/reviews. Do expect some new pictures of the brand new AIBOs (hopefully) as well as the regular news updates. I'll also try to get some of the much-requested neural network essays written as well. No promises though. :)

23/06/2002 Robots, Metafaq and VoiceXML
Posted by James Matthews
Links A few more articles for you. Robocup seems to be getting more and more coverage each year, so these articles are but a few of the ones available:

20/06/2002 RoboCup, Money Laundering and More!
Posted by James Matthews
Links Here is a Yahoo article detailing the latest Robocup. As always the article opens with the usual "Ronaldo/Beckham/Owen doesn't have to worry yet..." but it has a few details that make it a worthwhile read.

Another very interesting article is this UPI article about CyberCell. CyberCell is a simulation of a bacterium so complete that it will partially replace living cells within research. The article details what the uses of the project are, but doesn't really touch on how it has been achieved.

Finally, two pieces of AI software I've heard about: this ZDNet article quickly details an anti-money laundering program that utilitizes AI to detect suspicious activities. Again, the article goes into no depth, but it might interest some. I also received a press release from Transveral Corporation about their new deal wit ( more )

15/06/2002 The Latest News
Posted by James Matthews
Links Had a few interesting e-mails recently, thought I'd share them with you all. Douglas Merritt sent me this unfortunate bit of news about a restraining order issued against Richard Wallace, creator of ALICE and winner of the Loebner Prize.

In other news, Technology Review's focus of the week is robotics, so there are quite a few articles worth reading there, although some are reprints and older articles. EETimes also ran this article about Robocup which will actually be held in Japan during the last few (read: most important) stages of the real World Cup.

Also, Flipcode's Code of the Day happens to be an untrained neural network class. Probably worth checking out if you're interested.

12/06/2002 Article Update
Posted by James Matthews
Links Sorry for the list of articles again, but the more I work on the new Generation5, the less time I have for the current one. Weird but true! Nevertheless, I posted a new review today of Reindeer Graphics image analysis package, Fovea Pro 2.

Anyway, here are the articles:

03/06/2002 Backlog List
Posted by James Matthews
Links Here is the large news backlog I've acquired - some really interesting articles here.

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