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Here are some large images generated by the JDK. Generally, this section is intended to complement the demonstrations page by showing some of the high-resolution or non-standard results the JDK can produce or prototype ideas. Note that all these images are solely outputted from the JDK, all composites are created using the JDK's TimeSeries functionality, although the image format/sizes are optimized using Adobe Photoshop.


Three types of threshold and sobel edge detection Four examples of using the convolution filter Kohonen neural network mapped to on 140 images
Equalization & Histograms: An example composite image showing the JDK, histograms, cumulative frequencies, and equalization. (added 26/11/2004).
Filters: Greyscale, mean, prewitt, sharpen, equalization, Sobel, one-point threshold, error-diffusion, pattern diffusion. (added 26/11/2004).
Kohonen Self-organizing map: Kohonen network analyzes 70 attributes from over 200 images (added 26/12/2004).
A* Kohonen network mapping across an F-14 Tomcat Kohonen network mapping across a cactus
A* Demonstration: A* pathfinder on a 160x120 map (added 09/11/2004).
Kohonen Self-organizing map: Mapping across a silhouette of an F-14 Tomcat (added 09/11/2004).
Kohonen Self-organizing map: Mapping across a silhouette of a cactus (added 09/11/2004).
Dictyostelium slime mold simulation Wolfram Rule-126 Gaia Test
Dictyostelium slime mold: Iterated across 10,000 steps (added 09/11/2004).
One-dimensional CA: Wolfram's 1D CA, Rule 126 (added 09/11/2004).
Gaia: An initial prototype of the Generation5 Artificial Intelligent Agent toolkit. (added 09/11/2004).
Dictyostelium slime mold simulation
Conway's Life: Time-series image created using the JDK (added 09/11/2004).
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