Uses of Interface

Packages that use Visualizable General AI classes including agents, pathfinders and finite-state machines. Bio-inspired classes including cellular automata, swarm intelligence and genetic algorithms. 
org.generation5.demos A series of demonstration classes that showcase the core SDK features. 
org.generation5.nn Neural network example classes including Kohonen, Perceptron and Feedforward networks. 
org.generation5.swing Extra Swing components useful for visualizing class data. 
org.generation5.util This package provides utility methods and classes. Image analysis and machine vision classes. 

Uses of Visualizable in

Classes in that implement Visualizable
 class AStarMap
          AStarMap is simply derived from StandardMap2D to provide further functionality to visualize the A* algorithm.
 class BoardGame
          This class is designed to faciliate development of board games, with AI agent players (see BoardGameAgent).
 class FSM
          Implements a finite-state machine.
 class TuringMachine
          This class implements a Turing machine by deriving from a finite-state machine.

Uses of Visualizable in

Classes in that implement Visualizable
 class CellularAutomata
          This class provides the necessary functionality for simple 2-dimensional cellular automata.
 class CellularAutomataLayered
          Expands upon the cellular automata class by adding a separate layer of automata that are independent of the world states.
 class Flock
          This class groups FlockingAgent into one flock.
 class LSystem
          The class provides basic L-System functionality.

Uses of Visualizable in org.generation5.demos

Classes in org.generation5.demos that implement Visualizable
 class ConwaysLifeCA
          This class implements Conway's Life using the CellularAutomata classes and double-buffering for speed.
 class DictyosteliumCA
          This class implements Conway's Life using the CellularAutomata classes and double-buffering for speed.
 class EvoTravellingSalesman
          This class implements a simple evolvable solution to the travelling salesman problem.
 class LangtonAntCA
          Implements Langton's Ant.
 class LangtonLoopCA
          Implements Langton's self-replicating loop.
 class SpatialIPD
          Implements a spatial version of the iterated prisoner's dilemma.
 class SwarmAntCA
 class TermitesCA
          Implements the termites algorithm, randomly sorting a collection of woodchips.
 class WireWorldCA
          This implements the simple cellular automata, Wire World.
 class Wolfram1DCA
          Implements Wolfram's one-dimensional cellular automata.

Uses of Visualizable in org.generation5.nn

Classes in org.generation5.nn that implement Visualizable
 class EvoFeedForwardNN
          This class implements an evolutionary feedforward network.
 class FeedForwardNN
          A simple implementation of a feedforward network.
 class KohonenNN
          This class provides a simple implementation of a two-dimensional Kohonen self- organizing map.
 class NeuralNetwork
          A neural network framework class.
 class PerceptronNN
          An implementation of a perceptron.

Fields in org.generation5.nn declared as Visualizable
protected  Visualizable NeuralNetwork.visualization
          Allows for a visualizer to be assigned to a neural network.

Methods in org.generation5.nn that return Visualizable
 Visualizable NeuralNetwork.getVisualization()
          Return the current visualization.

Methods in org.generation5.nn with parameters of type Visualizable
 void NeuralNetwork.setVisualization(Visualizable vis)
          Set the visualization to use.

Uses of Visualizable in org.generation5.swing

Classes in org.generation5.swing that implement Visualizable
protected  class VisStepApplet.NullVisualizable
          This class is the default visualization.

Fields in org.generation5.swing declared as Visualizable
protected  Visualizable VisStepApplet.visualizable
          The visualizable content.

Methods in org.generation5.swing with parameters of type Visualizable
 void VisStepApplet.setVisualizable(Visualizable viz)
          Set the visualizable data.
 void VisualizationPanel.setContent(Visualizable content)
          Sets the content to display.

Uses of Visualizable in org.generation5.util

Classes in org.generation5.util that implement Visualizable
 class AutoTimeSeries
          This class extends TimeSeries by automatically creating a time-series across an interval period, or given at step numbers.
 class Plot
          An abstract base class providing basic functionality for the plot classes.
 class Plot2D
          Plot2D is a simple utility class designed to plot data.
 class PlotGrid
          Plot data as a two-dimensional grid.
 class StandardMap2D
          Implements a standard 2D map.
 class TimeSeries
          This class creates a time-series of images.
 class TravellingSalesman
          A utility class that provides the necessary methods for calculating route length, managing cities and rendering the scenario.

Fields in org.generation5.util declared as Visualizable
protected  Visualizable AutoTimeSeries.visualizable
          The visualizable object.

Methods in org.generation5.util with parameters of type Visualizable
 void AutoTimeSeries.setVisualizable(Visualizable visualizable)
          Set the visualizable object.
 void TimeSeries.addSnapshot(Visualizable visObject, int width, int height)
          Add a snapshot to the time-series image.
static void ImageHelper.writeVisualizedImage(java.lang.String filename, int width, int height, Visualizable content)
          This function writes an image of a given Visualizable object.
static void ImageHelper.writeVisualizedImage(java.lang.String filename, int width, int height, Visualizable content, boolean aa)
          This function writes an image of a given Visualizable object.

Uses of Visualizable in

Classes in that implement Visualizable
 class Histogram
          This class provides a simple way of calculating a histogram for a given image.

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