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Packages that use CAAgent Bio-inspired classes including cellular automata, swarm intelligence and genetic algorithms. 
org.generation5.demos A series of demonstration classes that showcase the core SDK features. 

Uses of CAAgent in

Subclasses of CAAgent in
 class DirectedCAAgent
          An extension of CAAgent that adds a directional functionality.

Methods in that return CAAgent
 CAAgent CellularAutomataLayered.getCA(int caIndex)
          Retrieve the corresponding CAAgent, which in turn holds positional, state and other information.

Methods in with parameters of type CAAgent
 void CellularAutomataLayered.addAutomaton(CAAgent agent)
          Adds an automaton of type CAAgent.

Uses of CAAgent in org.generation5.demos

Subclasses of CAAgent in org.generation5.demos
protected  class SwarmAntCA.SwarmAgent

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