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Artificial Life  Back to Artificial Life articles

Cellular Automata Explained
A simple introduction to 1D and 2D cellular automata and their significance.
James Matthews
How To Get Started with Artificial Life
This essay merely scratches the surface of ALife by looking at flocking and virtual worlds.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Artificial Life
A basic look at Alife, Cellular Automata and behavioural animation.
James Matthews

Gaming  Back to Gaming articles

Simple Board Game AI
Discusses influence mapping and their application to board game AI.
James Matthews
Cómo Empezar con la Inteligencia Artificial
How to Get Started with Gaming AI (Spanish).
James Matthews
Finite State Machine Tutorial
Discusses the basics of finite state machines. Includes some sample code.
Nathaniel Meyer
How To Get Started with Gaming AI
A short essay looking at possible ways to start with gaming AI.
James Matthews
Simple Tree Searches
A look at depth-first and breadth-first tree searches.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Game AI
A very simple look at some of the techniques used in game AI including finite state machines and minimax trees.
James Matthews

General  Back to General articles

How To Get Started with Artificial Intelligence
Discusses some of the most popular areas of AI to start off in. Read this essay if you don't know where to look first.
James Matthews
Mathematics for AI Beginners
If you don't have a mathematical background, this essay will cover a few notational and conceptual principles needed for AI.
James Matthews
Artificial Intelligence Tour
A 6-page introduction to AI. Brief history, scientists, neural networks, NLP and genetic algorithms are covered.
An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
What can computers do beyond the number crunching we give them? Can they truly emulate human intelligence? Real intelligence?
Samuel Hsiung

Genetic Algorithms  Back to Genetic Algorithms articles

A "Hello World!" Genetic Algorithm Example
This GA simply evolves the string "Hello world!" and is meant as a beginner case-study.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
An introductory look at genetic algorithms and genetic programming.
Sam Hsiung and James Matthews
Genetic Algorithm Example (Japanese Translation)
A Japanese translation of Generation5's popular GA case-study.
Manabu Ishii (Translator)
Genetic Algorithm Example: Diophantine Equation
A step-by-step look at how genetic algorithms work. Includes a C++ class to try yourself.
Samuel Hsiung and James Matthews

Home Automation  Back to Home Automation articles

What is Home Automation?
For those of you that have no idea what home automation is...
James Matthews
How To Get Started with Home Automation
Discusses some of the applications of home automation and how to get started.
James Matthews

Machine Vision  Back to Machine Vision articles

An Introduction to Noise Processing
Discusses noise in images, and removing it using mean and median filtering.
James Matthews
Thresholding and Segmentation
This article discusses thresholding/segmentation and looks at how to automatically threshold an image.
James Matthews
A Basic Introduction to Image Processing
An introductory look at colour and image representation, image resolution and histograms.
James Matthews
Histogram Equalization
A simple article that discusses how to enhance an image by equalizing its histogram.
James Matthews
Convolution and Correlation
Convolution is one of the most important operations in image processing. This article discusses what it is.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Edge Detection: The Sobel Edge Detector
The sobel edge detector is a simple but effective edge detector.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Machine Vision
What is required to make computers see? This essay looks at some of the problems that computer need to overcome.
James Matthews

Natural Language Processing  Back to Natural Language Processing articles

Natural Language Processing Using Linux
Looks at using basic Unix/Linux commands to perform basic textual analysis.
James Matthews
How Does Spell Checking Work?
An overview of spell checking, the noisy channel model and how spelling candidates are created.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Natural Language Theory
This tutorial provides a brief introduction to the content and method of natural language processing.
Samuel Hsiung
An Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Discusses ELIZA, IQATS the Turing Test and more.
Samuel Hsiung
Conceptual Representation and Scripting
Introductory look at conceptual representation and scripting. Includes a few examples of CR program output.
James Matthews

Neural Networks  Back to Neural Networks articles

Back-propagation using the Generation5 JDK
A case study using the Generation5 JDK to understand feedforward neural networks and backpropagation.
James Matthews
Perceptrons are the simplest type of neural network.
James Matthews
Simple OCR Using Perceptrons
This articles looks at using perceptrons to recognize noisy images of the numbers 0-9.
James Matthews
Notes on Neural Network Learning and Training
An overview of learning and training for neural networks.
Wan Hussain Wan Ishak
Summing with Neural Networks
This article will try to explain how you can make a network capable of summing numbers as big as you want.
Stephen Tashev
BP Example: XOR Net
A step-by-step look at how the back-propagation algorithm works. Includes some C++ code to work with.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Neural Networks
Basic introduction to the theory of neural networks.
James Matthews

Philosophy  Back to Philosophy articles

Can I Prove I Exist?
An old philosophy essay I wrote. Uses 'The Matrix' to provide examples.
James Matthews
Is the Mind Physical or Non-Physical?
Another old philosophy essay. A rather radical approach to the mind-body problem, so read with an open mind!
James Matthews
Philosophical Arguments For and Against AI
An introductory look at the philosophy of artificial intelligence.
James Matthews

Robotics  Back to Robotics articles

How To Get Started with Robotics
Discusses LEGO, Project Kits and Programmable Kits as a means of starting with robotics.
James Matthews
An Introduction to Robotics
A simple overview of modern robotics. Covers some of the more famous academic and commercial robots.
James Matthews

Uncertainty Handling  Back to Uncertainty Handling articles

An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic
A simple, beginner-level look at fuzzy logic.
James Matthews

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